Prohibited Products

List of Export-Prohibited Products

(As per Export Policy 2015-2018)

1.Soyabean Oil, Palm Oil;

2. All petroleum and petroleum products except those produced from natural gas (such as naphtha, furnace oil, lubricant oil, bitumen, condensate, MTT and MS). However, this prohibition shall not apply to the export of petroleum and LNG as shares of the foreign investment companies under the Product Sharing Contracts;
b.Any passenger going abroad shall be allowed to carry goods as accompanied baggage, in excess of his or her personal goods, worth US$ 200, which are neither export-prohibited nor included in the list of conditional exports. In this case, no facilities/incentives like duty draw back adjustment, subsidy etc. shall be awarded;

3.Jute and `Shan’ seeds;


5.Rice (Except (G2G) Government to Government and Aromatic Rice)

6.As per the article 29 of Wildlife (Conservation and Security) Act, 2012, No person shall export or re-export—

  • through any other route except custom port of exit;
  • without CITES certificate, where applicable; and
  • without license;
  • any wild animal or parts thereof, trophy, uncured trophy, or plants mentioned in schedule IV or parts or derivatives thereof.

    7.Fire arms, ammunition and related materials;

    8.Radioactive materials;

    9.Archeological relics;

    10.Human skeleton, blood plasma, or anything produced from human beings or human blood;

    11.All types of pulses (except processed pulses);

    12.All shrimps except chilled, frozen and processed ones;

    13.Onion, Garlic and Ginger

    14.Seawater shrimps of 71/90 count or smaller, except the species harina and Chaka including sea species PUD, Cooked shrimp;

    15.Cane, wood, wood logs/ thick pieces of wood (except handicrafts made from these materials). But the Rubberwood of Forest Industries Development Corporation can be exported as the element of furniture of export processing area.

    16.All types of frogs (alive or dead) and frog legs;

    17.Raw and wet blue leather.

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